Pricing Guide for Custom Artwork

Custom caricature of your own vehicle! Head to the "Get A Quote" page to ask Steve for some custom artwork. This guide should help you gauge how much your custom piece will cost.


Note that to complete the form you will be asked for a $50 deposit; this amount will be deducted from the final price of your piece and will get you in the lineup!

$250 USD

car caricature 54 oldsmobile simplified

For $250 you will receive your car totally whacked out on a solid color background.

$350 USD

$350 will get your car looking fly and on a simple yet artistic background such as this... 

Car Caricature DIPSTICK chopped off flam

$400 USD

$400 will get you the vehicle of your choice on a highly detailed background with a couple extra features to really get your design to POP! 

Car Caricature FJ Toyota Bryan Cook.jpg

$500 USD

For $500 you will get your vehicle plus another (if desired) on the background of your choice! Ask for some extra bells and whistles if you like.

car caricature 64 Chevelle Glen Walden.B

$1000 USD +/-

This category has no upper end because it goes as BIG as you (and Steve) can dream. Steve is chock-full of ideas so let him loose! This is a great option for car clubs, families with several cars, or other memorable groups! These are gifts that are BEYOND special.

Scott is shown here in his '67 Chevelle along with his brother-in-law and father-in-law in their '69 Camaro and '67 GTO at their favourite cruising spot.

Car Caricature Maria Breihan composite B