What is Fuelled Pencil?

Through  Fuelled  Pencil, you have the opportunity of receiving  a digital caricature (or "CAR-icature") of your  own vehicle! How rad is that!!!  To get your quote, head to the "GET A QUOTE" Page.


Meet the artist, Steve Milroy


Steve Milroy is a professional artist who lives in a tree stump on Vancouver Island which is situated on Canada’s west coast.   Relax, Steve didn’t log the world’s largest oak…he built his home using ferro-cement as he is an extremely eclectic, multi-talented artist.

 For the past 35 years he’s been dazzling clients with his artwork and has tinkered with hot rods for longer than that!   He wants to share his imagination and creativity with others who are “hooked on cars” and want to immortalize their rides with a unique “MILROY “masterpiece.  Steve’s oil paintings and bronze sculptures  have shown in half a dozen galleries over the past 20 years.

Steve Milroy's Various Art 5.jpg

Some of his other works can be viewed on his commercial site using the link below.